Ready to learn how to open your 1-800-Plumber + Air Franchise?

Initial Contact

Reach out to us through this website and you’ll get a personal email response within hours from a franchise development team member, who will share more information about our investment opportunity.

Discovery Call

This is a chance for us to get to know each other a little better to see if our philosophies and goals align . If they do, we’ll move onto the next step!


After our Discovery call, you’ll make an appointment for your presentation zoom call. It is here where we’ll take a deeper dive into the franchise opportunity and provide you with more insight into different areas of our model.

Submit an Application

You’ll submit an application and this will act as your request for consideration. This application will go over basic information about you, why you should be considered for a 1-800-Plumber +Air franchise and what your financial requirements are. The application is free and it does not run your credit at all.

Receive our FDD

Assuming that things check out on our end, the next step is you’ll receive and acknowledge our most recent version of our Franchise Disclosure Document, a very important document that goes over every aspect of your investment with us. You’ll have at least 15 days to review our FDD. But don’t worry we’re going to have lots to talk about over those 15 days. store for a hands-on experience!

FDD Review Call

Now that you’ve acknowledged the receipt of our FDD, this call will be dedicated to you. We’ll go over any questions about the FDD that you have and begin conversations centered around selecting your territory and what your expected start-up costs will be.

Executive Team Approval

You’ll receive a preliminary approval letter and we’ll take your designated territory off the market for two weeks, giving you time to make your final decision. We’ll also look to schedule a call with our CEO, Mark Collins, providing for the opportunity to get to know one another.

Receive Your Franchise Agreement

You’ve said yes, so welcome to our family! ! You’ll sign your franchise agreement and pay your initial franchise fee. Once this is completed, we’ll set up a welcome call for us to celebrate you and for you to meet all the members of the 1-800-Plumber+Air family!


After you’ve been awarded a franchise, you will be entered into our BEST launch program. Our team helps you navigate all the steps of getting your new business open. This proven program paves the way forward for your grand opening within a 13 week period.

Incorporating your business

If you hadn’t done so, we’ll help you set up your corporation and get set up with the proper tax documents and business licenses.

Recruitment & Licensing

We’ll provide you all the tools and resources to properly and adequate recruit for your team. We’ll tap into our resources to provide you a list of candidates ready to be interviewed.

Vehicle procurement and outfitting

We’ll provide you resources for you to purchase, finance, or lease your vehicles. Once you have them in your possession, it’s time to dress them up with our graphics, shelving, materials and tools.


Our marketing team will conduct its research on your territory and provide you with a promising “phone ringing” marketing plan.

1-800-Plumber +Air University

Our team will help coordinate travel and dates for you and your management team to come to Houston, Texas for 5 days worth of exceptional training.


Our on-boarding team will work along side you to help you find the Best location that meets our criteria for your 1-800-Plumber +Air office and warehouse.


Without a doubt, we have the best software in the industry. When you’re ready, we’ll provide you with training and a custom software ready to go on your first day.

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